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About DozenPov

Dozensmart Ltd was founded in 2020 . The brand is DozenPov . The Fans' name is Dozener .

Dozensmart Ltd is an English translation subsidiary of Shenzhen Dazheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. .

Dozensmart Ltd / DozenPov is the 1st in the world Professional POV Camera / Sense of Substitution Camera / Immersive Camera company . And focus on The Immersive 1st Person View all over the world ! 
The founding team came from DJI / PHILIPS / OPPO ( 1+ ) / HUAWEI /SF-express / Sublue .
The capital side is the same as DJI’s capital side .
Creativity original design & Human-computer interaction is our core . Reject all copycat . We have many self-developed Algorithms & Patents .
DozenPov wish " World Not Enough "  " I am your Eye " !